David Azar

New York

Engineer & Creative Technologist

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100 Days of Sketching

Representing my ideas on a piece of paper
Design & Art
Product Designer and Illustrator

About the project

This is a very special project to me. It is about the iterative daily practice of learning to represent my ideas on a piece of paper with my own hands, and connecting with myself in the process. It is a project about doing a creative workout that fuels every other area of my life. Most importantly, it is a project about defeating perfectionism. Every day, I allocate ~40 minutes to learn about drawing, sketching and many design techniques, making something with that material. I publish the sketch on the Instagram account @100daysofdavid, regardless of how polished or 'perfect' the drawing is. This project is not only teaching me about the exquisite process of designing and sketching with your own hands, it is teaching me about putting my work out in the world without focusing on everything that is wrong about it, but rather what isn't.