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Ghost Loofah

A multiplayer game with unusual controllers
Hardware, Games & Web
Hardware Engineer, Front-end Developer and Conceptualization
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About the project

You and two other teammates must take "Johnny the Ghost" through a series of portals and dimensions back to his precious loofah, because he really misses taking his baths.

Ghost Loofah is a multiplayer game that uses unusual controllers to navigate a 2D world. Three players must work together in order to traverse eight portals. Each portal has a specific color, and Johnny's color must match the portal's in order to go through. Players make use of unusual physical controllers to achieve this:

A pumpkin, a flashlight and a cube of colors.

The pumpkin controls the vertical position of the main character. Flashing the light at either of the two targets moves the character forwards and backwards, respectively. Finally, placing the cube of color on a special pedestal changes the main character's color, depending on which of the cube's faces is facing up.

My friend Joe Baker and I worked in this fun project together. We wanted to create an engaging and different experience for people, and I really feel like we did. Together, we defined the premise and the concept of the game, and worked side by side to execute it. My specific role in this project was programming for both the hardware and the web counterpart, and all the integration between the RFID and the electronics.

Ghost Loofah is built with Arduino, RFID and p5.js.

To read more about the creative process behind this project click here.

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