David Azar

New York

Product Engineer

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Engineer and Creative Technologist from Mexico City, based in New York. Currently a Master's Candidate at NYU ITP where I am exploring creative intersections between engineering, entrepreneurship, inventive product development and music.

Engineer & Creative Technologist

Mexico City  

New York

Selected work

Staying curious and constantly trying new things, I’ve had the opportunity of working on many different projects. Everything from private client to curiosity sprints, I design and build things that are fun, beautiful, robust and reliable.

The Music Box

What if computer punch cards never disappeared? How would a musical instrument that used them look and sound like? The Music Box offers an exploration on an alternative evolution of computing, giving you the ability to compose music using punch cards.

Wander Compass

Without even noticing, we walk the same streets every day during our commute. We prioritize efficiency and by doing this, we miss unexpected, amazing things that happen around us. Wander Compass is a wearable that takes you to streets where you've never been before, without looking at your phone.

Orientation Instrument

Let's move away from traditional musical interfaces. Can we create music with the movement of our wrists? The Orientation Instrument is an electronic device capable of reading its position in space and translate that into immersive and captivating sound.


100 Days of Sketching and Designing

A daily iterative practice can be a wonderful thing; powerful morning routines are common practices in the lives of the world's most important leaders. To me, sketching every day gives me creative fuel for every area of my life, and reminds me of the importance of imperfection.