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AtTiny Jig & Interaction

I finally got my hands on the AtTiny. I've been wanting to try using this small microcontroller for some time, but the programming process wasn't clear to me, and since I hadn't had the real necessity to use it, I never put in the time to learn.

This week's assignment was exciting for me because not only it forced me to use a new MCU, it also introduced me to the whole Arduino as ISP thing.


First, I recreated the in-class demo and programmed the AtTiny from the Arduino Uno on a breadboard, wires jumping out and everything.

After the whole burn bootloader, change board and upload using programmer process was clear, I started working on the jig.

The soldering went pretty smoothly. Other than a few simple mistakes, this part of the process went by nicely.

Once that the jig was finished, I tested the programming process on it. I originally missed the RESET connection to the pin 10 of the Uno but other than that everything worked.


The interaction for this week was pretty simple: tweak the frequency of a tone() pwm from 262 to 533 (C to C). Struggled with the pin number/GPIO map at first but worked after some debugging.

Future changes

I found myself annoyed after putting the jig on and on in order to expose the VCC & GND pins from the Uno. Need to get male-to-female jumpers to avoid this repetitive task by simply connecting to the jig's pins.

Excited for what comes next.


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