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Eagle to me feels like adult puzzles. I really enjoyed getting to know it while doing these exercises and felt like I was solving a modern and functional puzzle.

The first and second schematics were simple to complete. However, the third one took me a bit longer. At first I thought that it wasn't possible to finish without adding an underpass, but I didn't want to add to because it would mean that this schematic is only valid for double-sided copper plates, and they are more expensive and not always as available.

I got it working after shuffling around components and a lot of trial and error.

Above: Schematic 1


Left: layout before traces.

Right: completed layout with traces.

No real difference int the component placements between the two images above.


Left: layout before traces

Right: completed layout after traces

I had to move the components around a lot to find the positions on where they made it possible to connect all the nodes with no overlap.


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