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Interacting With Rhythm Experiments

After interacting with the provided rhythm explorations, I was honestly impressed by each one of them. However, there were two that particularly stood up to me.

1 - Infinite Drum Machine. (link) This experiment is obviously emphasizing sound over features. The four-track sequencer is basic, but the sound map is absolutely impressive. The UX also proved to be well thought out; animations are subtle (that squiggly line around the active sounds is top notch), sounds load asynchronously in the background and are added imperceptibly to the mini-cosmos so that the user doesn't have to wait before they can start playing and well. I really felt immersed by the whole experience.

2 - Rhythm Toy. (link) I chose this experiment simply because of the animations, I really liked how simple it is. The four drumset three-track sequencing was subtle and direct. The animated characters impersonate the sounds accurately and have a very pleasant play animations, specially the little kid on every kit!

Using these experiments really broadened my view on whats possible when you take a skill such as coding and give it a whole different spin.


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