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Job Hunt Journey Maps

For this first exercise, I created a journey map for my last job search: a summer internship in New York City. Additionally, I interviewed a friend who recently applied and got accepted into a Master's program in Berlin.

The journey map above describe what my experience was like this summer. In very reduced terms, it was a painful, stress and anxiety inducing activity that lasted for almost 2 months. This is an inevitable process of our society, but I simply don't enjoy it.

Personally, the constant stress and second guessing of my every project, portfolio piece, line and word in my resume is no fun at all. I did what I could to better inform myself and get my material to a point that was interesting to read, but even after talking with employment coaches, they all had different takes on this subject.

I'm lucky to have had a few job offers by the end of the process. I ended up taking one at one of my dream companies in NYC and can say that it was a great time. However, I still struggle to understand my role in this market. As a creative-oriented engineer that works with hardware, code and fabrication, I like to think that I can provide value to companies, but I haven't understood exactly to who and how, and what the benefit of ITP in terms of my career. I know it'll all make sense eventually, but this is something about the current state of work that I'd like to further understand.

Starting my own company is always present in the back of my head – maybe that's the solution to this.


Below is the journey map for my friend's Nelson process of applying to grad school. Definitely a different one than what I experienced when applying to ITP.


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