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Sound-walking the East Village

For this week's assignment, our team chose to do the poetry soundwalk on the East Village.

St. Marks Church-In-The-Bowery
St. Marks Church-In-The-Bowery

It started at the corner of St. Marks and 2nd Avenue at the gates of "St. Marks Church-In-The-Bowery". Since I was there on a Sunday afternoon, I couldn't step in as the narrator suggested, but I had a calm and peaceful moment on the church's entrance.

The rain helped to achieve that, although it wasn't pleasant; it was cold, wet, and very windy.

The stories told on the soundwalk were very interesting. I really liked hearing about how the city has been transforming, as well as all the poems that are attached to specific locations, buildings and apartments spread throughout the area. The house next to The Standard Hotel in particular had a very interesting story, and I'm glad that building will stand for another 100 years.

I really liked taking the time to explore around in a different light and getting to know about the poetry history that occurred in this vibrant neighborhood.

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