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Soundwalk! (and reflections)

After multiple discussion and consideration, we decided that for our soundwalk, we'd create an adventurous sound-scavenging hunt around the Tisch building.

The philosophy behind this is that we wanted to make listeners take a more active approach in our soundwalk, instead of the more passive ways soundwalk usually take.

The recording went smoothly, and thanks to a nicely structured scripts, things flowed pretty smoothly.

You can listen to our soundwalk on this link. We hope you have fun!

Listen to soundwalk


By creating this soundwalk, I learned a lot about Adobe Audition and sound editing in general. Also, this collaboration was very interesting! Definitely felt a click with my team and we are very proud of the outcome.

I also realized how important and convenient it is to have the recordings in the best shape even before importing them to Audition – Every second spent taking shortcuts to speed up the recording process equals to an hour of editing pain.

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