The Initial Workshop

Custom made jewelry for man and woman.
Tags: Product Management, eCommerce, Design, Front-end

About the project

The Initial Workshop is a Mexican brand focused on delivering a quality, personalized jewelry shopping experience to their customers.

The Initial Workshop is a Mexican manufacturer and distributor of custom made jewelry and accessories for man and woman. Clients are able to choose from more than 100 different combinations of characters, material, color and stones to make their pieces unique.


My business partner at the time and me were approached to help them enter the digital market with a strong presence. After researching their customer base, we found that providing customers with a bilingual shopping experience was crucial. Additionally, the website needed to allow a very strong personalization for each individual piece, as well as providing a way for customers to submit their own designs to be manufactured.

These were no simple tasks to accomplish, but we solved them by diving into Shopify's templating engine and by developing the right relationships with plug-in developers to ensure a seamless integration with our customers inventory.




Liquid (templating language)

HTML/CSS + JavaScript

Basic walkthrough of the online store. Clients can shop in English or Spanish, and can pay using different currencies.

Final words

I served as project leader, manager and engineer for this project, following my creative partner's design and ensured that the features that the client needed worked perfectly. More than 3 different existing applications were included from the store and I wrote some of the store's features myself in Liquid.


The store works with multiple currencies and thanks to the SEO recommendations we provided, it holds a very strong position on search engines. Providing the amount of personalization required was complex to say the least, but we were able to create a robust, beautiful and reliable online store for our client.