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Digital I/O Experiment

For last week's assignment, I tried to create a potentiometer from scratch.

This time, I wanted to try and create something that would let people interact with it.

A game!

Being only able to use digital I/O was tricky, but it was a great exercise. Personally, since I know the material, I tried not focusing on the actual tech behind and tried, really hard, of thinking about what I wanted to convey to people using it.

The game is simple:

Try to guess a random pattern.

If you press a right key, a light turns on. When you guess the whole 4 pattern, you win!

Schematic of the circuit

4 Push buttons

4 Leds

1 Buzzer

9 Resistors

Piano keys are used as an interface

Laser cutting of the pieces.

By doing this, I learned more about laser cutting and I'm more confident about doing it anytime I need it.

Finished prototype.

I definitely needed more time to make it more robust.

The small breadboard was a definite limitation, so I'm getting a bigger one for future projects.



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