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I'm a Creative Engineer and Product Manager with a passion for technology, design, and business. I recently graduated with a Master's at the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at NYU, have previously worked at Tomorrow Lab and Verizon 5G Labs, and was selected as a Fellow at the ASCAP Lab Music Association and the NYC Smart Cities Lab.


I follow a human-centric and technology agnostic philosophy to create business value through inventive product development and collaboration.

Selected work

Staying curious and constantly trying new things has allowed me to work on diverse projects. In everything from private clients to curiosity sprints, I aim to design and build things that are fun, robust, and reliable.

Wander Compass
A wearable device that takes you streets where you've never been before.
Hardware, Design, Mobile, IoT & Full-stack
MADD Sampler
A portable soft-surface audio sampler and editor developed with ASCAP
Music, Hardware, Fabrication & Design
A more personal way for digital communication
Hardware & Design

David Azar

New York

Creative Engineer & Product Manager

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