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Crafting a Storyboard

Along with our team, we discussed the different possibilities of creating a short.

Should we do design fiction? infomercial? love story? – How about all of them?

So thats exactly what we did!

Plot summary

"An infomercial spokesman takes us on a journey to find love in the modern world. He begins by introducing us to an enchanting necklace sure to lead buyers to the person of their dreams. During the next infomercial, he presents an automated pheremone spritzer for your home, but something seems a little off about him -- his heart’s not in it, you could say. The third infomercial starts and he begins to show off a sexy wig, but he’s clearly having some sort of breakdown. The producer tries to get him to continue filming, but the spokeman’s a wreck. Finally, he rips off the mic and runs off the sound stage. The producer and camera crew scramble to follow him as he frantically searches the manic streets for something. Eventually, he finds his ex-lover and pours his heart out, confessing his love for her and pleads for her to take him back. She apologizes, and turns to her new lover — the brand’s new spokesman, touting all the previous three products and confidently addressing the camera to introduce the fourth."

The collaboration process was very interesting, because I had to go back home to Mexico City for a few days for a personal reason, but we skyped and managed to craft a storyplot that we are all really proud of.

Each one of us brought something valuable to the table. The plot really came to be by everybody throwing our initial ideas and building on top of each other until something interesting came out.

For the storyboarding itself, we split the frames and each one of us drew a scene.

Overall, I really liked the process and collaboration.

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