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So yeah, an awesome collaboration with Idit and Guillermo happened for our first animation and we filmed a very charming little short.. but im getting ahead of myself.

Ideas, ideas...

When we heard that we had to create a 30 second short, each one of us immediately started crafting a world inside our heads. I remember that initially, I thought of creating a swarm of abstract bees out of string, so that I could experiment with stop motion in a different way..Guillermo thought of messing with artificial paper mountains as well.

As a team, we realized that a common theme for us is electronics. Guillermo and I are both Engineers and Idit is a master fabricator, so it made sense to use electronic components to create a fictitious world.


The rules were set: create a world where the characters are electronic components.

One thing lead to another and we agreed that creating a wrestling match was an interesting and fun thing to try – thankfully we were right.

A natural step forward was to set a breadboard as the main canvas or set of this whole universe.

Ok... how do you recreate a wrestling match in a world where there are no humans?

WWE arena
Typical WWE arena

By following closely how a WWE Arena is set and how the fighters move and behave, we began crafting are story.

Meticulous movements were created, and a very childish and explorative approach was taken by the three of us.

Each component had its own personality..

I've never had a chance of thinking about electronics in this way, which was truly fun and engaging.

Once the frames were taken, it was time to do sound. I personally feel that this was the trickiest part to get right, because of the fictitious nature of this universe, it isn't clear how their voices should sound, or what their personalities are.

Some sounds were recorded by us, some were taken from, but by the end, we created something that I really enjoy watching and I hope you do too.

Here it is...


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