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Pandemic Jammies

As we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to stay at home and do everything from there. Work, play, eat and every other conceivable activity is now done within the confinement of our apartments, and this has proven to be tougher on some people than others.

Idit Barak and I worked together to identify a common pain-point we were feeling during these days and agreed on how hard it has become to not have a clear separation from work and the rest of your day. The lack of separation is not only physical but also mental and emotional.

So we decided to design the ultimate product for people to conquer the quarantine like champs.

Introducing, the Pandemic Jammies.

The Pandemic Jammies are the only piece of clothing you'll need to wear during the quarantine, Comfy, practical and tactical, these pajamas house every imaginable device and object you'll need to use during the pandemic.

Embracing the new amalgamated self

This product aims to serve people with practical access to everything they need, but also make a commentary on the current situation. The dread of feeling tired all the time has been extrapolated during these days, and we blame the lack of physical activity and space, as well as the current exaggerated monotony.

We wanted to translate that dread onto physical objects. All the props this project houses are designed to match the plaid pattern of the pajamas while staying functional by keeping the original materials; it means that the spoon is still made of plastic and can be used, but it's designed to be camouflaged on the pajamas.

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