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Final Project Proposal

For my final Homemade Hardware project I decided to fabricate the custom PCB for a project that I'm working on called "Wander Compass".

Wander Compass is a device that tells you the streets that you've never walked on, taking you into new ways and helping you discover the city that you live in.

There are three main components to the project.

1. The physical device that users wear.

2. An Android app that pushed its location to a cloud and connects to the physical device

3. A backend that performs all the geospatial calculations and pushed down the commands to the phone.

For this final, I'll build the board and electronics for the physical device (1).


The device will let users know if they have to turn right, left or keep walking straight by performing a series of soft vibration patterns around the neck of the user.

The device connects to the user's phone via Bluetooth LE.

In order to do this, the following components are needed:

* 1x RedBear Nano V2.

* 3x NPN BJT transistor 2222A

* 3x Mini Vibration Motor Disc

* 3x Diodes 4004

* 1x Power Switch

* 1x LiPo battery (mAh pending)

* 3x Resistor (220 Ohm)

* 4x Resistor (10K Ohm)

* 1x JST Connector

The preliminar schematic is the following:

I imagine the device to be worn around the neck in a very subtle and discrete way. Further conceptualization and development is needed, but that is the general direction that I'm taking with it.


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